Be free to be exactly who God made you to be! Regardless of who you are: a teenager surviving high school, a stay-at-home mom, a teacher, an executive, a pastor, a grandparent, there are a million voices trying to tell you how you should act and who you should be. Some of these voices are coming from the world, some from the latest Christian media source, but I have found a much needed freedom in realizing there is only One Voice I need to listen to- the Holy Spirit, My God who loves me! Don't miss out on the unique place God has you right now. He will walk the halls, sweep the floors, type the reports, do whatever you find yourself doing right along side you if you will invite Him. His presence and peace are priceless! So stop and smell the roses (even if they are the plastic ones on your counter, yep that's me)! Enjoy life and the high calling that each of us has in our Lord Jesus! Be Blessed!