Inspired Ideas

Have you ever had a successful moment in which you instantly realized it was completely beyond your own abilities? For me it was yesterday morning, during our homeschool Bible study time. Nothing flashy, but during my morning quiet time, I got an idea of a way to teach the kids about the protection of God and it turned out to be the best time we've had in the Word all year. Maybe for you it was a marketing strategy that you created at work that was hugely impactful, a tricky case that you miraculously diagnosed, or maybe you interpreted some crazy dreams that changed the destiny of a country for more than a decade..... ok probably not you, that was Joseph.

Our regular Bible study has had us studying Joseph for the last week or so and we've focused on how many times the Bible reminds us that through it all "The Lord was with Joseph and he became a successful man." (Genesis 39:2) What does it mean that the Lord is with us on a day to day basis? Well for us, it means that the Holy Spirit wants to lead and guide us in everything that we do, so that we can be successful for His Kingdom. It means that if we are walking with the Spirit, those "good ideas" are truly "God ideas."

The danger lies in believing that WE are really something, and not acknowledging where our Help comes from. Joseph never forgot to mention that God was the interpreter of dreams and that he was merely a tool. Neither should we. The Holy Spirit wants to empower us in whatever vocation we have been called to. He is not limited to the House of God or the gift of speaking in other tongues. I believe He desires to make us successful in all that we do. He has "God ideas" that He is longing to impart to you. Meet Him. Listen. And do what He says.


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